Henry Lee “Hank” Shinn

In Loving Memory


Henry Lee “Hank” Shinn

Sept. 11, 1925Oct. 11, 2001


“Your dead ones will live. 

A corpse of mine-they will rise up. 

Awake and cry out joyfully,

you residents in the dust! 

For your dew is as the dew of

the mallows, and the earth itself will let

even those impotent in death drip in birth.”

                                   Isaiah 26:19




Memorial Service

Oct. 14, 2001

6:15 – 7:00


Opening Prayer

Stacey Walker


Reading of Obituary

And Introduction of Speaker

Stacey Walker


Memorial Discourse

Robert Goler



Stacey Walker



#15 “Life Without End at Last”


Closing Prayer

John Wahl

   Henry's Poem


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