Emma Jo Donald
Went to be with the Lord
April 24, 2006

My heart is broken

For my friend is gone!


No more words will be spoken

No more visits to see


The days will be lonely

No matter what may be


We have beautiful memories

That will always be here


No one can take them away

They will always keep you near


Several years spent together

 Sharing our children and lives


Visiting, laughing, or troubles

Didn’t matter, together we cried


Years passed, and then we moved away

Our friendship never ended, it was there to stay


Not seeing each other as the months went by

Time wasn’t measured; it was like only a day


Calling or visiting every chance we got

Keeping each other up on our family lives


We will make it through, as time moves on

Even though it is hard to say our goodbyes


You’re in Heaven with God

No more troubles to bear


In that wonderful land

With not even a care


When our time comes

We will meet you some day


We know you will be waiting

When God calls us your way

                                                      by betty stillion shinn

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