My Testimony

      On January 17, 1996, I had a subarachoid hemorrhage.  I went into a coma.  When the ambulance attendants wheeled me up my gravel drive, it aroused me enough to hear the attendant say  "It's her brain".  I am really glad he said this as it gave me the chance to talk to God.   I asked God to "Please Forgive Me" and said  "don't let me live if I don't have any brain."  At this point, I remember them saying she's not breathing. From this point on I can't  give you  any  story  on what  I saw but I can say it  was very peaceful.  I did not want to come back.  The doctor had told my family, I probably would not make it.  God had other plans for me. When I came in and out of consciousness,  I saw angels all around my room.   The angels were my family members, but all with wings.   With in two weeks I was home.  For months I laid around not knowing to eat, drink or do anything.  The first thing I do remember is I noticed a spot on my arm which looked like a baby's footprint always questioning "What is this?" and each time still noticing it  looked like a baby's footprint.   The next thing  I remember is seeing Karen Peck singing "God like's to work when nothing else will" and The Spencers singing "One day at a time."
     As you can see it was God's will for me to be here and to get well.  He does  answer prayers!!!   I  still  have some problems but  God  get's me through them.   As for the footprint,  our  daughter told me maybe it was telling me I was born again.  As soon as I realized that I was born again, it disappeared.
     I give God all the praise and all the glory for the extra time he has given me and for what I have in life.

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