~~~~~ NEWS OUT OF THE PAST ~~~~~

The newspapers are from the Guernsey Times and The Cambridge Jeffersonian.
I choose articles of interest which I thought might let you know what the world was like in each given year.  It brings in the life of the people and the happenings of the given time.   It tells information on who needed to pick up their mail, who got married, who got sick, who died, who visited who, etc.
If you enjoy history of your ancestors, then it is worth the time to read these.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did while transcribing them for you.

                          Inst = given month            Ult = previous month

  1825 Guernsey Times     1827 Guernsey Times    1840 Guernsey Times    

  1841 Guernsey Times     1845 Guernsey Times     1850 Guernsey Times

   1851  Guernsey Times

    1871  Jeffersonian         1872 Jeffersonian           1873 Jeffersonian

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