Abraham Armstrong


 The Household Guide for Instructor with Biographies: History of Guernsey County, Ohio  by T.F. Williams, page 513

"The following is a sketch of the history of the ancestors of Abraham Armstrong, of Jefferson Township, as handed down orally or by tradition.  His great-grandfather, Adam Armstrong, lived in Washington County, Pennsylvania, where he raised a large family.  Some of his children moved to Greene County, Pennsylvania, in early times.  His son Abraham, grandfather of the present Abraham Armstrong, was born on June 27, 1747, and married Florence McLean.  They had fourteen children, including a daughter born to his wife by her first husband - seven sons and seven daughters - all of whom reached maturity.  John, their eldest son, and father of Abraham Armstrong, was born May 6, 1781, and married Susannah Henderson, who was born in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, May 20, 1788.  They were married in 1809, and in the autumn of 1813 moved to the pleasant site occupied by the subject of this sketch.  Their children according to age are Abraham, Amelia, John, Thomas, McLean, Elizabeth, Margaret, Alexander McCoy and Susannah Jane.  The father died in 1852 and the mother in 1870. Abraham was born March 2, 1810, and succeeded his father in the milling and farming business.  The grist-mill was first built in 1815 and was twice rebuilt.  When six months old Mr. Armstrong lost the use of his right leg from sickness, and has used a crutch through life. Like many young men in this locality, he taught school during the winter season."

"In 1840 he ran on the Whig ticket for county treasurer, but was defeated by Newell Kennon by one hundred and eleven votes.  In 1842, in a similar race, Mr. Kennon was elected by eleven votes.  Mr. Armstrong was township clerk from April 1842, until elected county auditor in October 1844.  In 1846 he missed a re-election by a few votes and in 1871 was elected to represent the county in the State Legislature.  In 1852 he was elected justice of the peace and again in 1862, and held the office until 1861, and also from 1875 to 1878.  He was also township treasurer for seventeen years.  His wife was Elizabeth W. Walker, who died February 7, 1847, in the twenty-seventh year of her age, leaving an infant son twenty-five days old, now known as John W. Armstrong.  His second wife was Mary C. Patterson, who was born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  By her he had two sons, Jeremiah Patterson, born February 28, 1850, and James McLean, born October 19, 1853.  John W. Armstrong, the eldest son was born January 13, 1847, he married Martha Clark.  Jeremiah P married Agnes McConnell, who died in 1876."



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