Stories of Guernsey county by Wm. Wolfe Page 104

C. Ellis Moore.—For long service in Congress C. Ellis Moore held the record amongst the Guernsey county members.  He served seven terms (March 4, 1919-March 3, 1933).

     Born in Oxford township, Guernsey county, in 1884, he taught in the rural schools there, graduated from Muskingum College in 1907, and from the law department of Ohio State University in 1910.  Having been admitted to the bar he began practicing law in Cambridge in 1910.  Four years later he was elected prosecuting attorney of Guernsey county.

     For several years Mr. Moore was a member of the judiciary committee.  He was named one of the managers to conduct the impeachment proceedings against George W. Inglish, a United States district judge.  This was the seventh time in the history of the country that an impeachment charge had been filed against a district judge.

     In the Roosevelt landslide of 1932 Mr. Moore, a Republican, was not reelected.  He resumed the practice of law in Cambridge, became president of the Central National Bank, and president of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Moore died in 1941.  He was buried in Northwood cemetery.

     Some Interesting Notes.—It may be of interest to note that seven of the nine Guernsey county members of Congress were attorneys.  Six of them had been prosecuting attorneys of Guernsey county.  Six of them had taught school.  Four of them had been elected to the state legislature.  Three of them served as mayors of Cambridge.  Only four of the nine were natives of Guernsey county; of the others three were born in Belmont county and two in Pennsylvania.  All are now dead, and all but one are buried in Guernsey county.

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