Col. J. M. Bushfield

Stories of Guernsey county by Wm. Wolfe Page 630

J. M. Bushfield--Cambridge’s long-time mayor, J. M. Bushfield, was born near Wheeling, W. Va., in 1819.  After he had graduated from Washington-Jefferson College he came to Cambridge and began the study of law under Nathan Evans.  While so engaged he first served as mayor.  Admitted to the bar in 1842, he began the practice of law in Antrim, Guernsey county, but remained there only a short time.  Like his law preceptor, Nathan Evans, he was an ardent Whig, and for a time he edited a Whig paper in Cambridge, “The Begg Bugle.”  He later became a Republican.

     During its session of 1846-47, Bushfield was clerk of the lower house in the General Assembly.  From 1857 to 1861 he was prosecuting attorney of Guernsey county.  When the Civil War opened he became lieutenant-colonel of the One Hundred Twenty-second regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

     Col. J. M. Bushfield was a Cambridge attorney for fifty years, a record surpassed by very few. He was a member of the Presbyterian church and a leader in the various local activities for civic betterment.  His death occurred in 1893.  In 1938 Harlan J. Bushfield, grandson of Colonel Bushfield, was elected governor of South Dakota.


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