David D. Taylor

Stories of Guernsey county by Wm. Wolfe Page 459-460

David D. Taylor.—For more than thirty years David D. Taylor was connected with the Guernsey Times, so closely during the latter half of that period that to many, the name of one invariably called to mind the name of the other.  Before he acquired a financial interest in the paper he had been employed in the office.  A staunch Republican, he used the columns of his paper in promoting the interests of that party.

     David D. Taylor, a brother of Joseph D. Taylor, was born in Oxford township, Guernsey county, in 1842.  He taught school and served as a Union soldier in the Civil War.  For two terms he represented Guernsey county in the state legislature, where he became popularly known as “Guernsey Taylor.”  He served as county school examiner, county coroner, and postmaster of Cambridge for twelve years.  Through his paper he attacked fearlessly every issue, political or other, that he believed to be wrong.

     Many More Changes in Management.—For a few months after the death of Mr. Taylor his sons managed The Guernsey Times.  It was then sold to J. M. Carr and others.  MR. Carr became manager and editor and continued as such until November 8, 1905, when the paper was purchased by a company headed by W.H. Gregg, who served as managing editor.  Two years later came another change in management, when a controlling interest was acquired by The Times Recorder, of Zanesville, Ohio.  The Republican-Press, a weekly Cambridge paper was taken over also and conducted under the same management.  Frequent changes in editorship followed.  Changes in stock control also occurred.  Under the management of W. O. Moore, who had previously edited The Herald, another Cambridge weekly, that paper was absorbed by The Guernsey Times.  For a few years Edwin L. McMillen was in control.  He was succeeded by N. A. Geyer, the last editor.

     Purchased by the Jeffersonian.—In October, 1919, The Guernsey Times was purchased by The Jeffersonian.  After almost a century the old familiar name ceased to appear at the head of a newspaper.  The two publications that had been competitors in the newspaper field of Guernsey county since the days of Andrew Jackson became one under the name of The Jeffersonian  However, many of the principles as well as the influence of The Guernsey Times did not die; they have continued under the new arrangement.

     The Daily Guernsey Times.—Under the editorship of David D. Taylor The Daily Guernsey Times was established in 1895.  It was published until purchased by The Jeffersonian, for the greater part of the time as a morning paper.


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