Dr. John McBurney

Stories of Guernsey county by Wm. Wolfe Page 468

     The Ohio Teacher.—Dr. John McBurney began the publication of an educational periodical in 1880, which he called The Guernsey Teacher.  It was issued from the office of The Guernsey Times.  A small paper of four pages, it was devoted principally to the schools of Guernsey county.  After two years it was enlarged and the name changed to The Eastern Ohio Teacher, and four years later to The Ohio Teacher.

     It was published in Cambridge for nineteen years, during which time it acquired a circulation of nearly two thousand, reaching into most counties of the state. In 1899 Dr. McBurney sold The Ohio Teacher to Henry G. Williams and M.R. Andrews, of Marietta, where it was published for a few years.  It was moved to Athens, Ohio, and later to Columbus, Ohio, where it was published for several years.

     Born on a Guernsey county farm in 1834, Dr. John McBurney attended the country district schools and entered Madison College at Antrim, form which he was graduated in 1859.  Of the five men in the class, four became ministers and Dr. McBurney an educator.

     After leaving college, Dr. McBurney taught in the rural schools a few years, and in July, 1863, entered the Union army.  At the close of the war he became superintendent of the Cambridge schools, which position he held fourteen years.  For twenty-two years he was a school examiner in Guernsey county.  He was one of the founders of the Eastern Ohio Teachers Association.  After leaving the Cambridge schools, he became professor of natural science in Muskingum College, a position he held until 1897, when he retired from teaching.  His death occurred in Cambridge, in 1916.


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