Guernsey County Early Births
                                Transcribed From The
                  Guernsey County Court House Records

I transcribed these to the best of my ability and do not claim there are no mistakes.   We all make them in transcribing.  
If you find the person you are researching and think it is wrong, you can contact the Common Pleas Court in Guernsey County to verify it.
I hope this helps in your research.
     These births were listed under child's name so be sure and check under:
I for Infants...
N for no name and not known....
U for unknown...
As parents are listed in most of them.

If you find a link that is not working, please email me with the page and number.

  Early Births A                   Early Births B             Early Births C

  Early Births D                   Early Births E              Early Births F

  Early Births G                   Early Births H             Early Births I

  Early Births J                    Early Births K             Early Births L

  Early Births M                  Early Births N             Early Births O

  Early Births P                   Early Births Q             Early Births R

  Early Births S                   Early Births T              Early Births U

  Early Births V                   Early Births W            Early Births Y

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