John M. Amos

Stories of Guernsey county by Wm. Wolfe Page 464-465

John M. Amos.—For more than a half century The Jeffersonian has been published by the Amos Family.  For a third of a century John M. Amos was the editor.  Following his death in 1919, three of his sons, Thomas E., Herbert E. and Harry W. assumed control.

     John M. Amos was born in Belmont county, Ohio, on August 20, 1839.  A few years later the family settled on a farm in Noble county, Ohio.  Here John M. Attended the rural schools and grew to young manhood.  He taught school for a few terms, in the meantime preparing for college under the instruction of private teachers.  He entered Allegheny College from which he received the degree of Master of Arts.  While serving as principal of schools at Batesville and Caldwell, Mr. Amos studied law at such time as he could spare from his school work. Having been admitted to the bar, he practiced law in Caldwell for about ten years.

     While engaged in legal work, Mr. Amos, together with his law partner, Fred W. Moore, bought The Caldwell Press, which they edited and published jointly.  By the death of Mr. Moore a short time after the partnership was formed, Mr. Amos was left with both a newspaper and a law business on his hands.  He dropped the law to devote all his time to journalism. Having sold The Caldwell Press, he purchased The Jeffersonian and came to Cambridge, which place offered a better field for newspaper expansion.

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