Joseph K. Hall

Stories of Guernsey County by Wm. Wolfe Page 1044

     An Eccentric Character.—There died in Wheeling township a few years ago an eccentric character who was known to people in every part of Guernsey county.  His name was Joseph K. Hall, and his age at the time of his death was seventy-six years.  He was born in Wheeling township and made his home with a brother near Guernsey.  He never married.

      Joseph K., when a youth, displayed some extraordinary intellectual traits along with his eccentricities. He composed doggerel verse which some of the local papers published to humor him.  Flattered by this recognition, he wandered from place to place and tried to entertain the people who would listen to him, with recitals of his own compositions   He wrote some songs, set them to his own music, and sang them in his own characteristic way.  In rendering his favorite, “Gathering Up Shells from the Seashore,” he would afford much amusement with his excessive gesturing.  He like to be known as “The Guernsey Poet,” or “The Wills Creek Warbler.”

     While Joseph K. Disliked manual labor, he found it necessary to work occasionally in order to live. He would enter upon a task enthusiastically, but seldom completed it. In his traveling over the county he usually wore two or three coats and vests.  He would invariably have a rope around his neck to which a cane was attached.  From the cane hung a stocking which served as a traveling bag.  Being religious, he often quoted the Bible.  In politics he was a staunch Republican, and he liked to argue with those of a different political belief.

     Considering him harmless, people generally throughout the county received Joseph K. kindly on his periodic visits, and frequently gave him meals and lodging, for which he believed he was paying with his entertainment.  He was once photographed in a uniform lent him for the occasion.  This was probably the proudest moment of his life.



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