Stories of Guernsey county by Wm. Wolfe Page 389

Rev. William H. McFarland, D.D.

Dr. McFarland Pastor for Forty Years.—The long pastorate of Dr. McFarland has very few parallels amongst the ministers of any religious denomination in this county.  When he came to the church it had a membership of seventy-nine, and the Sabbath school an enrollment of thirty-four.  On announcing his resignation at a service forty years later, he stated that during his ministry he had preached 4,450 sermons in Cambridge, attended 2,820 prayer meetings, made 2,400 public addresses, baptized 621 persons, received 1,384 in membership, preached 700 funeral sermons, solemnized 538 marriages, made ten addresses at golden weddings, made 21,000 pastoral visits, and taught a Bible class almost every Sabbath.


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