Rigby Mine

Stories of Guernsey County by Wm. Wolfe Page 478
     Rigby mine is in Richland township, two miles north of Senecaville.  It was opened in 1919 and is now being operated.
     Present Officers.—The Akron Coal Company has holdings to the extent of several thousand acres of coal land in Guernsey, Tuscarawas and Harrison counties.  William Rigby, Sr., is the only living charter member of the company that for a half century has operated extensively in the Cambridge coal field. Until 1918 Mr. Rigby was general manager, and since 1921 he has been the president of the Akron Coal Company.  John Miles, of Akron, si the vice president and general manager; N. E. Thomas, of Akron, secretary; and John Rigby, of Cambridge, general superintendent. Heirs of the Moss and Loomis estates hold interests in the company.

                                                  Rigby Coal Miners
Front Row, l. to r., John Sherby, Oran "Newt" Tipton, Johnny Walton, John Curry, Orval "Bab" Tipton, Ted Clendenning; Back Row, Tony Dezri Beghen, Brownie Collins, John Hollingshead, Howard Price, Steve Kosteinik, Delmar Williams, Carl Tipton, Joe Burns, Charlie Friley, Taffy Ferguson, Steve Yonis and Johnnie Hilton.

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