Arnold Shinn

12 Jan 1928 – 7 Dec 2008

In Memory of my brother-in-law

Thru out your life

Things got rough

You rode it well

You stayed tough.


Your favorite job

Was working on cars

Even pumping gas

Or fixing the tires.


When things went wrong

You jumped right in

Trying to mend things

Not wanting it to end.


Not working out

You kept your stride

You stood tall

You held your pride.


You turned to us

And help you pleaded

We were right there

We knew we were needed.


As time moved on

You found a new wife

Starting anew

Loving your life.


Way too soon

God called her home

Your heart went with her

She did not go alone.


The chain was broken

There is no more pain

Now you have joined her

The chain has linked again.