Bill Stillion

12-1-1936   11-27-2003

In Memory of My Brother Bill

A brother, a friend, faithful and true
Life around you, never got blue

Doing for others, having lots of fun
Always in the process of getting things done.

Helping everyone, where ever the need
Expecting nothing in return, for all your good deeds

Sitting in your tree house, hunting for deer
Waiting and watching, enjoying your beer.

Sitting by the lake with your pole, fishing
Eyeing for the big ones, watching and wishing.

Later in life, a twist you did not expect
Making a big decision, wondering if it was correct.

Walking down a sidewalk to go catch the ride,
Not knowing if another day would be by your side.

A new heart you needed and finally received
Given twelve more years, was happy we believed.

Worrying about how you got the new heart
Sad for the parents of the child who had to part.

Living with the new heart, leaving some problems behind
Trading for new ones, which you never seemed to mind.

Finally getting outside and enjoying life once more
Beaming like the sun, being happy to the core.

Smiling, enjoying family and lots of friends
Then the day came you needed more mends.

Trouble after trouble, day after day,
Then God came and took you away.

We will live our life on, missing you
Will join you in Heaven on our day too.