Genealogy Poem

I am writing this poem

Just to let you know

How much I appreciate

The love you show


Spending every minute you can

With all your heart and soul

Continuing the long search

Genealogy is your goal


Hunting in every little cranny

Excited for an article you find

Could this be a distant relative

Another member down the line?


A relative has been found

Says the article this time

Extending all the branches

Oh what a great find…


Documenting way back then

This man would never know

How much a family member loved

The seeds that he has sowed


Thinking this man resembles my dad

As this picture fits him to a tee

Extending our family further

As happy and joyful as you can see


I know this tree will continue

As you grow older like me

You’ll pass it down to yours

That is what’s meant to be !!!


by betty stillion shinn