Skip Potts

11-30-1927   7-5-2005

In Memory of My Brother-in-law

My Brother-in-law “Skip”

You came into my life
When I was just a youth
Treating all with kindness
And that is the truth!

Courting my older sister
Becoming her beau
Making her very happy
We could see her glow.

Arriving several nights
With pizza for all
In my parents’ eyes,
You stood very tall.

Taking all of us swimming
Keeping a watchful eye
And when trouble arose
You handled the cry.

Helping make ice cream
Or just playing games
It didn’t matter what we did
You were always the same.

Never meeting a stranger
You were like a brother to all
For any person needing help
You were right at their call.

Always giving, never taking
No matter what the cost
And not telling anyone
How hard and big the loss.

Then your health got bad,
You could no longer stand tall
Help for you was now needed
Few came, but where were all ?

I know that you’re still smiling
And helping the Angels sing
You’ve earned your place in Heaven
You’re sitting with the King.
by betty stillion shinn