Lee Shinn

11-26-1930    2-5-2015

In Memory of my husband

Life Without You

My life completely changed

The day God called you home

Our house is way too quiet

I‘m left now to live life alone


Memories of you come rushing

Never wanted to say good bye

Your chair is now sitting empty

And viewing it makes me cry


Miss doing all the things I did for you

Even though my time was tight

Am wondering around where to be

For you wanted me within your sight


No Lotion bottle to get empty

No more kleenex are needed

No Candy dish needs filled

No Coffee cup needs heated


No one to watch the television

The remote sits on the stand

No country music is playing

No noise of any band


You left nothing for me to do

My errands for you are done

Wishing you were still with me

Together we had so much fun


I miss all the things we use to do

But I know you are now without pain

I’ll learn to live my life without you

Knowing it is Heaven’s gain


Until we meet again…

Lee is still my one and only true love, my soulmate! We were so blessed to have each other for 57 + years!

by betty stillion shinn

Lee’s Story about his life