Margaret Shinn Wheeler

In Memory of My Sister-in-law

A sister to me

You always were

One of the best

That I am sure


Jumping in the car

Always running around

Visiting our families

No matter what town


Hour after hour

Always on the run

Spending time together

Having lots of fun


Stopping to eat

Or eating in the car

Never wanting to quit

Whether near or far


Riding in the country

Showing beautiful scenes

Of places you lived

And places you been


Acre after acre

Land after land

Being really proud

Sharing memories so grand


Reminiscing of times

Of things you sowed

Telling us stories

Of things long ago


The years flew by

And now have passed

Leaving only memories

That will always last


You’ve reaped the harvest

Time here is no more

God has called you home

To His beautiful Shore.


by betty stillion shinn