Thursday 28 May 1885

Our Heroic Dead

The following soldiers dead are buried in the Cambridge Cemetery.

Capt. Jas. Adair, Josiah Scott, Cyrus Scott, Col. E. Grimes (1812),

Joseph Wallar (1812), Z. E. Burt, William Thompson, John M. McCracken,

William A. McCracken, Capt. John B. Cook, David C. Stewart, Joseph

Hutchison, Lloyd Piatt, James Queen, Isaiah McNutt, William Needham,

John Likes, Alex. Frazier, William Yates, Nelson Cockerel, John Jackson

(Col), Joseph Holland (Col), Capt. James Johnson, Lieut. Jesse Grimes,

John McGiffen (1812), George Macomber (1812), Razen McPeek,

William Johnson (Col), Capt. T.K. Parkinson, Z. Suitt, David Thomas (Col),

George Nickols, Wm. Moss, J. Clark Wiser, Patrick Doyle Jr., Col. W. S.

Taylor, Ben Thompson, J.R. McHenry, Isaiah Bean, John Bush Suitt, A.B.

Hering, Thomas Rankin, Walter Barnett, Samuel Barber, George Kept.


Cambridge Jeffersonian Tuesday 18 September 1923

The Thirty-Seventh Annual Reunion of the Ninety-Seventh O.V.I. Regimental Association, will be held in Hazlett Post Room, Monumental Building, Zanesville, Monday, October 8, 1923. Comrade A.H. Leslie is secretary of the association.

The following were the regimental officers; Colonel, Milton Barnes; Major, J.W. Moore; Adjutant, Charles Moore; Chaplain, William A. McFarland. All are deceased.

The following member of Company B, Ninety-Seventh Regiment are still living; Andrew Tedrick, George H. Stottlemire, George H. Boetcher, James Mehaffey, Samuel Beadling, Robert Ford, Erastus Meek, Welcome Nelson and Alex Arbuckle.

Below is given a list of men serving with Company B, all of whom are deceased, as reported by George H. Stottlemire; John Rankin, David Hammond, Jerry G. Davis, John Perry, William Travis, Capt. William F. Hunter, Capt. John H. Carlisle, Lieut. John T. Brady, Lieut. George K. Taylor, Lieut. Walter B. Barnett, James R. Bracken, James I. Poland, James H. Watt, William F. Nicholson, Samuel Jackson, George W. May, Ira Frazier, William Morton, William S. Bracken, Joseph A. Martin, George W. McClelland, John W. Perry, John D. Fulton, Crawford Hope. John S. Nelson, Vincent Cockins, John A. Moore, Joseph Stoner, John W. Patterson, Bethel Ables, John H. Archer, George E. Barnett, Charles J. Bishard, James W. Brown, Jackson Burns, Comrade Clinesmith, Thomas Cunningham, William Davidson, Elias Delarue, Fletcher Dennis, Vincent H. Eakin, Cyrene J. Dalman, Robert Dunning, Simon Elliot, Thomas Gifflin, George W. Glisenger, Daniel W. Gould, William Tedrick, John Humble, August Ranch, A. !

Martin, Joseph Mehaffey, James Reed, Thomas Carr, Salem Johnson, John Duff, George Larrick, George Rice, William Wymer, David Mackey, William Jordon, Andrew Hanna, Robert Hainey, William Woods, Benjamin Delarue.

Senecaville Solder’s

The first nine from Senecaville to enlist in the United States Army on April 19, 1861, given in alphabetical order, as found in Vol 1 of Ohio Roster of three months soldiers in Company’s A and B, were actually sworn into the services as Governor’s Guards on the 18th, Adj-Gen. Carrington, then mustard into the U. S. Army April 24th by Maj Burbank. But we rest claim upon the official report.

Their names and age and rank as follows. They were all privates for three months in 3d O.V.I all were in Co. A except Alexander Moorhead who was in Co. B.

They are;  W. Leeper Alexander, age 20; Henry Broidebthal, 27;  Clinton C. Buchanan, 19;  Joseph Dyson Finley, 20: Thomas C. Glasener, 20; Adam LePage, 22;  Alexander Moorhead, 24; Archibald Shipley, 20; Justice C. Taylor.

At the expiration of two months service, six of the above, namely, Breidenthal, Buchanan, Finley, LePage, Moorhead and Shipley, veteranized by enlisting in the same regimental organization, June 13th, 1861, and the rest soon after enlisted in other regiments.

One of the remarkable things about this “first nine” is that although the most of them were frequently on the firing line not one was killed.  Two, Finely and Taylor have since died.

Now let any who claim precedence in enlistment in Guernsey county come with official data and let such claim rest there.

24 March 1904 Cambridge Jeffersonian Cambridge Ohio