To My Grandmothers

Sweet and kind, delicate flower
Turn your face towards the sun,
Thanking God for His many blessings
But could it be that we’re the lucky ones?

For you were God’s gift to us
More so than us His gift to you,
Just think of all the trials and tribulations
That we, your family, put you through!

Though your life was far from easy,
Nary a word did you complain,
You’d just do what had to be done
Then bow your head in praise again.

Memories, so dear and sweet
But, if we could have you for just one more day
All the things we’d have to tell you
And feelings, so much more than words can say

Now that you’ve gone to Heaven
No more wisdom your words to impart,
Know that you still reside within us,
In the deepest regions of our hearts!

written by Jami S. Bell

To my grandfather

May You Fish Forever In Heaven

In my mind you’re in Okeechobee
With an alligator at your door,
Fishing off a little boat,
Tell me who could ask for more?

I know that it was Cambridge
Where you spent most of your life,
It was where you grew up,
Where you met your wife,

It was where you raised your children,
Where you made a home,
But after losing your dear wife,
You decided you had to roam.

You found the perfect spot for you,
In a climate nice and warm,
Where you could fish all day and night
And weather out life’s storm

We never made it down to see you,
And that I will always regret
But your heart is in Okeechobee
And that I will never forget!

written by Jami S. Bell