Serious Accidents Occurring in the State of Ohio, County of Guernsey, in the year of 1912

Surname Given Name Date Nationality Age Injury Cause Mine
Banko Mike 20-Jan Slav 29 fingers mashed jacking machine Trail Run 2
Best Jesse 28-Aug American 35 third finger Coupling cars Valley
Bird Chas. 14-Mar American 17 pelvic bone broken caught bet. car, rib Black Top
Burson Oscar 14-May American 33 back, side caught bet. Car, rib Black Top
Collins Hugh 6-Jun American 51 shoulder coal falling down shaft Black Top
Depstraw Jno. 5-Jan Pole 42 leg, bruised, mashed caught bet. Cars Little Kate 2
Dingus Arthur 18-May American 33 slight concussion slate fall Black Top
Dunfee Harry C. 26-Jan American 26 left leg broken caught in chain mach. Black Top
English Chas 4-Sep American 40 breast operating machine Ideal
Halanay Wm. 15-Jun American 28 left foot caught by car Buffalo
Hannon Ed 15-Jun American 23 arm broken slate fall Cleveland
Hough Ross 23-Jan American 17 leg bruise, mashed roof fall Little Kate 2
Ingho Jno Hungarian 50 side drawslate fal Old Orchard
Johnson Joe 30-Mar Swede 44 right leg cut caught by machine Valley
Kellar Enoch 11-Jan Lithunian 32 body, left foot slate fell Walhonding
Kovac Jno 11-Mar Slav 47 skull frac, leg broke drawslate fall Forsythe
Lazzday Jullel 23-Mar Pole 24 index finger operating machine Little Kate 2
Parker Wm. 14-Mar Scotch 42 left leg broken right leg dislocated caught bet. Car, rib Black Top
Pasco Matthew 12-Mar Amercian 35 leg struck by mach. bit Forsythe
Potusek Joe 18-Jun Slav 39 shoulder, left leg slate fall Ideal
Prtuna Mic 19-Jan Slav 24 spine slate fall Trail Run 2
Sharkes Chas. 1-Jul Litwish 32 ribs fractured slate fall Detroit
Sigmond Elza 16-Jan American 21 finger moving oil barrels Old Orchard
Slouck Clell 11-Jul American 18 left foot caught by trip Buffalo
Stoki Jno 11-Mar American 44 both legs broken slate fall Little Kate 1
Taylor Jas. 1-Mar American 52 leg broken slate fall Little Trail Run
Verble Jon 16-Mar Slav 22 index finger caught bet. Cars Little Kate 2
Visoki Jon 25-Jan Slav 18 face, hands premature explosion Forsythe
Williams Luther 23-Mar American 32 right leg run over by cars Hartford