Maxine L. Shinn

In Memory of My Sister-in-law

I came into the family,

With wide open eyes.

Wondering who would like me,

And pretending to be quite shy.

At our first meeting,

You threw a big smile,

I knew I was welcome,

In just a short while.

No need for pretending,

You showed me at that time.

To just be myself,

You were very kind.

We spent lots of time together,

Out doing our deeds.

Shopping thru stores,

Buying gifts for every need.

Resting and Relaxing,

Out around the pool,

Watching our children,

As they were getting cool.

With a glass in our hand,

And discussing our day.

With lots of laughter,

That was our way.

We moved far away,

And our children grew.

Losing track of everyone,

Missing all we knew.

It’s such a small world,

But you all were found.

Visiting when we could,

Covering lost ground.

Now you are gone,

No time to say goodbye.

But soon we will meet you,

Way up in the sky.

by betty stillion shinn