Larry L. Dillon

In Loving Memory of our friend

Our minds, our heart, never forget
A special person, whom we had met
Years came, and years went by
Glances for you, never left our eye

Looking around, everywhere we could
Not finding any sign, as we hoped we would
Hearing of a town, began our game
Reading phone books, looking for your name.

No such luck, in our long years search
Making our entire family, hearts hurt
Finally one night, a call came with news
Our search for you ended, giving us the blues

Our hearts are broken, but know they will mend
Knowing that your life, really is not at a end
Your up in heaven, with our God above
Enjoying all of God’s wonderful, eternal love

We have beautiful memories, enjoying the past
No one can take them, they are here to last
Thinking of, some things you had done
Remembering of, how fast your could run.

Getting to our house, waiting as you should
Sitting at our table, as we knew you would
Smiling with us, as we all arrived
Beating us there, laughing so hard you cried.

Cooking family dinners, being together a lot
Picking guitar, singing, and watching our tots
Playing together, really enjoying the fun
Showing all of us, our families were like one.

Spending most evenings, at our house with us
Leaving our family, with the greatest plus
We will always regret, that we missed the chance
To find you and tell you, how much you were missed.

You will always be in our hearts forever!!!