George Thurman Shinn
Sept. 6, 1921–Mar. 13, 2008

Alexandria Noleff Shinn
Jan. 14. 1926–May 5, 1998

In Memory of my Brother-in-law & Sister-in-law

Together Again

Your home was always

The place to meet

You welcomed everyone

And were happy to greet


Didn’t matter whether

It was day or night

Be it friends or family

That was alright


Sharing your home

Caring about all needs

Helping out everyone

Always doing good deeds


The coffee was made

Pastry trays steady

Chairs were at the table,

Alex was ready


The cards were dealt

And with a big smile

The aces were trumped

In such a short while


Talking together

With heads held high

Remembering things

Of times gone by


Then the day came

God called your wife

Making times hard

Changing your life


Day after day

Night after night

Missing her badly

Waiting for your flight


Now you have joined her

You’re together again

Both singing God’s praises

Joined together with him.

by betty stillion shinn