Letter to My Relatives

To All of My Present And Future Relatives

Over the years people drift apart. There are so many things to do, places to be, and so little time. As time goes by, we lose contact with our relatives. Several years down life’s road, you suddenly realize that you don’t know who got married, who had children, or if their children have children. You don’t know much about your ancestors, and it’s too late to ask them now. Many times while working on this tree, I wondered why I did not ask my parents about their ancestors. If one keeps this in mind, hopefully things will change, and present and future relatives will gain from it. I want to thank everyone who assisted in any way for my tree to become possible. Some researchers of family trees cut out some of the limbs and shape up the tree as best as they can. There was no trimming or shaping on my tree. There was no intent to harm anyone, however, every effort to be honest was made. 
On January 17, 1996, I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage. With God’s help and lots of love, I was able to research and compile my family tree. In doing so, I have become closer to all of my relatives. I have felt a part of all of your lives while extending the branches for you.

Betty Stillion Shinn