Speech Given for Rev. Edgar Lawyer’s Retirement July 14, 1979 by Mary L. Potts

     When I was asked to tell you how I feel about Brother Lawyer I was supposed to be in Florida but my heart was going to be here with you Brother Lawyer.  But God didn’t see fit that we be in Florida this week, So here I am

     I have been with Brother Lawyer for over forty (40) years, longer than anyone in the congregation at his time.  Therefore I am witness to God’s work he has carried out through his ministry.

     In 1939 I used to live over the church on South Seventh Street.  Also in 1942 I lived over the church on Foster Avenue when the church was downstairs.  Not many can say that they lived that way.  So I have seen him (Brother Lawyer) work with his hands physically as well as spiritually.

     When the church building was sold they held church and Sunday school in their home for a year and a half.  I can’t forget Sister Lawyer even in her illness I remember sitting around her bed as she taught me God’s word on the flat of her back.

     Through Brother Lawyer’s leading and effort in 1953 we held our first service in our new building, which we are presently using.

     My father was sick, Sister and Brother Lawyer came and picked us up and would take my brother’s and sister’s and myself to Sunday school and back home.  Brought the meat and groceries for us many times when they were needed most.  Sunday dinner would be without meat many times if it wasn’t for them.

     I went through high school then came the time for me to be married.  Believe me I knew his (Brother Lawyer) devotion to this Camp Meeting.  Because a few years back I worked in the dining hall when you would almost be washing dishes at meal time again.  Remember………I set my wedding so Brother Lawyer would not miss Camp Meeting and for some unknown reason made him come home the last Sunday to marry me twenty-three (23) years tomorrow.   Remember that Brother Lawyer?  First wedding in the new building.

      Also not too many people can say you want to take your pastor and his wife with you on your vacation but my husband and I did for three (3) weeks to California.  We left them with Sister Lawyer’s sister for awhile. Even on vacation he still did God’s work.  We appreciated him as a pastor so much we drove around twenty (20) miles to be with them on Sunday.  Yes, you guessed it in the Church of God in Bell GardensCalifornia who revealed God’s word to us but Brother Lawyer.  We took another vacation with them through the Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive always prepared and led by the Lord we stopped in Front Royal Virginia for church again.  Again he filled the pulpit.

     Then I lost my mother and who else could you turn to but God for strength and Brother Lawyer.   I couldn’t have gone through it without him and Sister Lawyer.

     Then it was my turn in a small way to stand by him when he was in the hospital, by staying with him through the night and with Sister Lawyer till his return home.  Even during his illness and his recuperating at home he was helping others.

     Then came his (supposed to be) retirement.  Highlight of his life but has anyone seen a man of God like this retire?  No…    You have to leave your home church once in a while to hear him reveal God’s word.  You can’t say he’s my pastor no more in Cambridge but believe me he is still my pastor as only last month my father had surgery.  Who sat and prayed with us but my pastor and his wife, Brother and Sister Lawyer.

     I have a poem I would like to read at this time.

What is A Pastor

A pastor is someone who is chosen by God

As a shepherd of souls in his care.

He’s someone who comforts an unhappy heart

With a smile or a word or a prayer.

A pastor is someone who strength and devotion

Enriches the living of others,

He’s someone who preaches the wonderful message

That in Jesus all men are brothers.

A pastor is someone whose goal is to follow

A worthy and lofty ideal—

To guide other souls in the straight paths of truth,

To sympathize, comfort and heal.

Brother lawyer this is how I feel about you.

Who is to say—He is not my pastor and always will be—

Appreciation, words, recognition can’t express what Brother and Sister Lawyer means to me.

God Bless you both now and always for the wonderful work you both do.